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During the earlier stages of the game, players thought that the Warframes would be the only thing that they would control.

Things later changed when the true Tenno was shown, revealing the existence of Operators and their connection to the Warframes.

One of the things introduced along with Operators was Focus and the 5 Schools they are used to empower.

What is Focus?

Focus is a type of resource that acts as a type of spendable affinity used to increase points in a certain school that is used by your Operator.

There are 5 schools that can be equipped and upgraded including Madurai, Naramon, Zenurik, Vazarin and Unairu.

Each of the schools has their own abilities that can boost either the Warframe or the Operator but some of these can be shared by others.

Focus Schools

There are 5 different schools that the players may choose from and may equip one at a time, each with their own unique passives/abilities.

These may be unlocked by spending focus on them and later activated, providing bonuses based on what points have been spent on.

Each school has their own attributes and depending on the gameplay of the user and the Warframe they plan to use; they can be used to overcome even the hardest of situations.

You start with one school at first but later you may unlock the others and eventually acquire abilities from each and become even stronger.

Choosing the proper school that suits your main type of gameplay is important as farming is necessary for unlocking the others.

1) Madurai School

This school focuses on offense, damage, and power. Those guided by this school are powerful fighters and prefer attacking too much.

  • Phoenix Talons – Increases physical types of damage throughout missions.
  • Inner Gaze – Increases the max energy that amps and void beam have.
  • Eternal Gaze – increases the speed of which amps and void beam replenishes.
  • Phoenix Spirit – Increases the elemental damage types throughout missions.
  • Void Radiance – When exiting void mode enemies will be blinded at the cost of energy.
  • Void Strike – Stacks damage to a certain percentage depending on how long you stay cloaked in void mode and upon leaving void mode you spend the percentage for the next attack dealing additional damage based on the percentage.
  • Flame Blast – Void blast attack sends out a fire ball that deals damage to enemies.
  • Rising Blast – Increases void blast damage and allows it to be charged for more damage.
  • Blazing Dash – Dashing through enemies will stun enemies as well as leave a trail of fire that deals damage over time.
  • Meteoric Dash – Increases the damage done by void dash.

2) Vazarin School

A school that is focused on healing, rejuvenation, and protection. Those guided by this school are protective healers and great at supporting their allies.

  • Mending Unity – Increases affinity range allowing you to acquire affinity even farther away from allies as well as affecting some abilities that are based on the affinity range.
  • Mending Soul – Causes the next revive that you do or that others do to be instant thus consuming a charge, charges are doubled as your operator has a set of charges as well.
  • Enduring Tides – Increases the max health of your operator.
  • Rejuvenating Tides – Increases the rate at which your operator’s health regenerates over time.
  • Guardian Shell – Creates a shield that blocks damage costing energy depending on the damage.
  • Guardian Blast – Allies within the area of the void blast are granted shields.
  • Void Regen –Heals the operator when in void mode.
  • Void Aegis – Creates a shield at the cost of energy when in void mode.
  • Protective Dash – Grants allies that you come in contact with during void dash to be immune to damage for a bit as well as heal them for a certain percent of health.

3) Naramon School

A school focused on strategy, tactics and brute force. Those guided by this school excel in melee combat.

  • Affinity Spike – Grants additional affinity when killing with melee attacks.
  • Void Stalker – Grants a buff that increases your critical chance for both your Warframe and Operator for a limited time based on how long you stay in void mode which depletes over time.
  • Void Hunter – Highlights enemies through wall allowing you to see their position visually while draining energy during void mode.
  • Mind Step – Permanently increases the movement speed of the operator.
  • Mind Sprint – Speeds up the speed of which you use void dash crossing distances faster.
  • Power Spike – Makes the melee combo meter decrease when out of combat instead of completely resetting.
  • Executing Dash – Causes enemies to be vulnerable to finishers instead of knocking enemies back.
  • Surging Dash – Increases the damage of the dash and area of effect.
  • Disorienting Blast – Void blast gains a chance to confuse enemies causing them to attack their allies.
  • Disarming Blast – Grants void blast a chance to disarm enemies rendering them weaponless.

4) Unairu School

A school focused on tenacity, defense and iron will, those guided by this school are able to endure any battle.

  • Void Spines – Reflects incoming damage on a percent back to enemies that attack you.
  • Basilisk Scales – Increases the overall armor of the operator by a percentage.
  • Basilisk Gaze – Increases the area of effect of void blast.
  • Void Shadow – Grants invisibility to you and allies when you are in void mode.
  • Void Chrysalis – Reduces damage that nearby allies receive when they are invisible.
  • Stone Skin – Increases the overall armor of the operator and Warframe permanently.
  • Sundering Dash – Reduces armor of enemies that are hit by void dash.
  • Crippling Dash – Reduces damage of enemies that are hit by void dash.
  • Magnetic Blast – Affects enemies with Magnetize which causes bullets to be directed to them when the magnetic field is fired upon.
  • Unairu Wisp – Void blast gains a chance to create a Wisp upon hitting enemies, granting additional operator damage to those who pick it up for a limited amount of time.

5) Zenurik School

A school of focus, intelligence and mind power, those guided by this school excel with inner strength and energy.

  • Energy Pulse – Gain additional energy over an amount of time when picking up energy orbs.
  • Void Siphon – Increases the overall energy of your operator.
  • Void Flow – Increases the energy replenish rate of your operator.
  • Energizing Dash – Creates a field in an area that gives those who enter a buff that increases the energy regeneration rate.
  • Lightning Dash – Sends out an orb that travels forward for a duration while striking nearby enemies with electricity damage after doing a void dash.
  • Inner Might – Reduces the energy consumption of melee channeling actions.
  • Void Static – Causes the operator to send out pulses that damage enemies in an area around them when in void mode.
  • Void Singularity – Pulls enemies to the operator when in void mode.
  • Temporal Blast – Slows enemies hit by void blast.
  • Voltaic Blast – Creates a burst of damage in an area damaging enemies when doing void blast.

Focus Pool

The focus pool is the capacity of how many passives or abilities you may have activated and is shared by all schools, so no matter what school you have, you will always have the same focus pool capacity.

Upgraded passives need more capacity and to have a larger number of stronger passives, you need a larger capacity thus requiring you to upgrade your focus pool.

When activating passives, the Focus pool will be drained depending on what passive is activated and what its level is. Above you may see a school with no passives activated giving it a 139/139 focus pool.

Above you may see that we have activated Affinity Spike which takes up 6 capacity thus giving us a remaining 133/139 focus pool.

Based on how many passives you have activated; your Focus Pool will be filled up to a certain extent that cant go beyond its capacity.

If you do not have a large enough pool capacity, then you will be unable to equip more passives or abilities.

As you can see in the image above, we have activated more passives thus taking up more from our focus pool.

These can be changed at any time if the player decides they wish to disable a certain passive or make room for another.

If one finds themselves on a low focus pool capacity, they may increase focus pool capacity by simply selecting increase in either the school selection menu or the school passive menu.

Upgrading focus pool will cost focus and may require farming to increase the capacity by a large number.

Way-Bound Abilities

Aside from the normal abilities that each school respectfully has, some abilities may be unbound which allows them to be used by other schools at the cost of focus pool capacity.

This allows you to make your operator more powerful by allowing them to gain passive abilities from multiple schools.

To unbind an ability or passive, you are required to have a spendable amount of 1 million focus and a Brilliant Eidolon Shard which is obtained by capturing (not killing) Eidolon Teralysts, Hydrolysts and Gantulysts.

Once an ability is unbound, it may be used by any school along with the original abilities the school has basically granted any school the privilege of using other way-bound abilities.

When activating way-bound passives, focus pool capacity will be used and may need to be upgraded to unlock the complete potential of your operator.

How to Get Focus?

In order to start gaining Focus, players must equip either a Warframe or weapon with a lens that matches the School they want to gain Focus for.

These are used to produce focus which is based on how much affinity is gained during a mission where a percentage of the total affinity is generated into focus.

You may only have one lens per item which may also be changed by destroying the current lens and replacing it with a new one.

In order to equip a lens, one simply needs to go to the chosen Warframe or weapon, which must be maxed out.

You will then select actions, which will bring up another menu where you will select the Focus Lens that you wish to use.

Once a weapon or Warframe has been equipped with a lens all you need to do is do missions and the affinity you gain will have a percentage converted to focus.

It is possible to have more than one item in your loadout that has a lens installed, each able to gain focus when used or when affinity is earned.

By having a lens equipped, a percentage of the excess affinity that the Warframe or weapon would earn becomes Focus.

Types of Lenses

There are 4 types of lenses that each generate a different amount of focus, which may be used to provide Focus to a certain School. (Focus is based on a percentage)

  • Regular Lens (2%)
  • Greater Lens (3%)
  • Eidolon Lens (4.25%)
  • Lua Lens (5.5%)

Acquisition of Lenses

Getting lenses may be a hard at first for some because and might not be able to get them as soon as possible, however there are different ways to get lenses as shown below.

1) Bounties

Some bounties on either Cetus or Fortuna have Regular Lens as a reward and there is a good chance to get them when doing them. Getting the lens may require multiple tries as the reward is based on RNG (random number generator).

2) Market

Greater Lens blueprints may be purchased from the ingame market aboard the players landing craft and may be crafted once all the required materials are available including 4 regular lenses which is required as well.

3) Tier 5 Bounties

These bounties have a chance to reward the player with Eidolon Lens Blueprints, however some may need to redo the mission due to the chance of obtaining it being not so high. Once obtained the player may craft it using its required.

It is possible as well to earn lenses from incursions and they may also be traded from one player to another.

Focus Farming

Farming focus is not that hard as you simply need only gain affinity which can be easily done by killing enemies. To farm focus you need to use the weapon or Warframe that has a Focus Lens in it.

The more enemies you kill, the more focus you generate thus doing missions with a lot of enemies will make farming focus easy and efficient.

Using Warframes that deal large area damage or that can kill multiple enemies at a time are best for most of the farming. It is possible to trade Eidolon Shards for focus as well but might take a bit of time to farm due to the need to kill Teralysts. Killing a large number of enemies or using stealth to kill enemies are the best ways to earn focus.

Convergence Orbs

These are yellow orbs that can be picked up and will activate a buff that causes focus earned to be multiplied by 8x for 45 seconds. Picking these up at certain times is crucial especially when you can follow up and kill several enemies after.

Suggested Farming Missions to Farm Focus

There are several missions that you can do to farm a lot of focus at a more efficient rate some of the suggestions are listed below.

1) Sanctuary Onslaught (Normal and Elite)

This mission is very efficient and will guarantee a large amount of focus as it has unlimited enemies and with each zone advancement the enemies become stronger and will give larger amounts of affinity as the player’s advance.

2) Survival (Regular and Fissure)

This mission type is good for focus farming as well due to the unlimited amount of enemies which also scale as the time lengthens as well as the chance to farm materials and items the player might need later on. In addition, if you do focus farming on a survival fissure you will benefit the longer you stay due to the boosts you gain every 5 minutes which include resource, affinity, drop chance and resource boosts allowing you to farm several things in one mission.

3) Exterminate (High Level – Stealth Approach)

Another way of farming focus can be done by using stealth and clearing an exterminate map while keeping the stealth affinity multiplier active by dealing stealth kills which can be done using a Warframe that has invisibility or that can disable enemies and make them susceptible to stealth kills. Maintaining a multiplier and killing several enemies in succession will raise very high amounts of affinity thus generating more focus.


Focus plays a very important part in the game and it is advised to try to farm as much as you can in order to maximize the schools as they have good benefits and become much more useful later on.

It doesn’t take too much effort to farm focus and can be done easily with or without intention just by playing normally.

Choosing the right frame when focus farming will benefit greatly such as a unit that can become invisible or that can disable enemies for stealth kills when doing a stealthy approach or a frame that can kill multiple enemies quickly for survival or onslaught missions.

Warframe Focus 2024 Guide (Farming, Schools, Lens & Focus Pool) - ProGametalk (2024)


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