Sim3 Bus Schedule Pdf (2024)

1. [PDF] MTA SIM3/SIM3C bus timetable

  • Let us know your thoughts, questions, or suggestions about the new timetables at SIM3/SIM3C Weekday. To Manhattan. Prt.

2. [PDF] 023-19 sim3 m&s.qxp_064-17 x12-x42 m&s - MTA

  • New York City Transit. Bus Timetable. Effective as of January 13, 2019. SIM3/3c. Express Service. If you think your bus operator deserves an Apple Award — our.

3. MTA Express sim3 bus Times - NYC - Transit App

  • MTA Express Bus Time SIM3 - Stop List and Next Bus Times ; Central Park S / 6 Av. 11:35 AM ; W 57 St / Av of The Americas. 11:39 AM ; 5 Av / E 55 St. 11:42 AM ; 5 ...

  • sim3 {route_long_name} next bus time, schedules, route maps, alerts and all stop locations

4. New MTA express bus schedules for Staten Island -

5. SIM3-Pt. Richmond - Midtown Manhattan Express - TransSee

  • SIM3-Pt. Richmond - Midtown Manhattan Express - New York MTA Real-Time Arrivals. ... SIM3-Pt. Richmond - Midtown Manhattan Express. Stops. Vehicles · Schedule.

  • SIM3-Pt. Richmond - Midtown Manhattan Express - New York MTA Real-Time Arrivals

6. [PDF] Sim3 bus schedule pdf

7. Express Bus Advocacy Group - Page 53 - New York City Bus

  • Sep 12, 2018 · ... bus/spcl_APR17_2019/sim006APR17.pdf. Reminder ... SIM2, SIM3/3C, SIM32 & SIM33C: First the SIM3 ...

  • Posted April 20, 2019

8. MTA Express qm34 bus Times - NYC - Transit App

  • qm34 {route_long_name} next bus time, schedules, route maps, alerts and all stop locations.

  • qm34 {route_long_name} next bus time, schedules, route maps, alerts and all stop locations

9. [PDF] Sim3 bus schedule pdf

  • Route: SIM3C Pt. RichmondManhattan Express. Bus SIM3 stops (MTA New York City Transit). CASTLETON sim3 to midtown viast viaav. Get a real-time map view of ...

10. MTA's Troubled Travelers: 'How is this better?' - New York City Bus

  • Oct 14, 2018 · Quote Commuters board the SIM3 bus at the Watchogue Road and Crystal Avenue bus stop. (Staten Island Advance/Annalise Knudson) (Annalise ...

  • Quote Commuters board the SIM3 bus at the Watchogue Road and Crystal Avenue bus stop. (Staten Island Advance/Annalise Knudson) (Annalise Knudson) By Erik Bascome | After decades of relying on the same express buses to travel to and from work on a dail...

Sim3 Bus Schedule Pdf (2024)


How much is the Staten Island Express bus? ›

Express buses cost $7. Tap to pay your fare with your contactless credit/debit card, smartphone, or OMNY card, or pay with a MetroCard.

Which Staten Island buses are free? ›

The routes that were selected for the program are the Bx18 (A and B) in the Bronx, the B60 in Brooklyn, the M116 in Manhattan, the Q4 (local and limited) in Queens and the S46 and S96 on Staten Island. The program will serve 43,900 daily weekday riders, the MTA said in a press release.

What is a SIM bus in NYC? ›

MTA New York City Bus operates seven of the express routes in Brooklyn and Queens, which are prefixed with the letter X, as well as all express routes in Staten Island, which are prefixed with the letters SIM. A SIM31 express bus terminates at the Eltingville Transit Center in Eltingville, Staten Island.

Is there a bus from Staten Island to New Jersey? ›

What companies run services between Staten Island, NY, USA and New Jersey, USA? MTA Bus Company operates a bus from Hylan Blvd/Buffalo St to Avenue Of The Americas/W 34 St every 20 minutes. Tickets cost $2–7 and the journey takes 1h 24m.

How do you pay for the bus in Staten Island? ›

With OMNY, you can use your own contactless card or smart device to pay your fare. This new system is being rolled out in phases. All bus routes, subway stations, and Staten Island Railway locations are now equipped with OMNY. OMNY currently supports a full-fare, pay-per-ride option for now, including free transfers.

Can you use MetroCard on Staten Island buses? ›

Standard 7- and 30-day unlimited cards are accepted on MTA New York City Subway; non-express buses from either the MTA, NICE, or Bee-Line; the Roosevelt Island Tramway; and the Staten Island Railway. 7-Day Express Bus Plus is accepted on MTA express buses.

How to go to Staten Island for free? ›

The Ferry operates between the St. George Terminal on Staten Island and the Whitehall Terminal in Lower Manhattan. The trip is about 25 minutes. The Ferry ride is free.

How much is the train fare in Staten Island? ›

Subways, local buses, and Staten Island Railway: $2.90 (Reduced Fare: $1.45) Single ride (only sold at subway vending machines): $3.25. Unlimited 7-day MetroCard: $34 (Reduced Fare: $17) Unlimited 30-day MetroCard: $132 (Reduced Fare: $66)

Why is there no fare on the Staten Island Ferry? ›

Eliminating the ferry fare was seen as an action to standardize Staten Islanders' MetroCard fares with those of commuters in other boroughs. Despite the fact that the ferry fare had netted $6 million in annual revenue for the city, its abolition only cost the city about $1 million.

Do SIM buses have OMNY? ›

OMNY is available at all subway stations and on all buses, allowing you to tap and go throughout New York City. You can use OMNY with your own contactless card or smart device.

What age is free on the NYC subway? ›

Up to three children under 44 inches tall ride for free when they're with a fare-paying adult. You pay the fare at turnstiles before you board the train. You don't have to do anything as you exit.

Can you ride NYC bus with cash? ›

Tickets - How Much A Bus Ride Costs in NYC

If by chance, you find yourself without an MTA card on you, you can still pay the Bus single-ride fare ($2.75) aboard the bus, but make sure you have coins with you, no banknotes are accepted, only exact change and no pennies!

How much is the bus from Staten Island to Manhattan? ›

The distance between Staten Island and Midtown Manhattan is 26 miles. The road distance is 23.6 miles. How do I travel from Staten Island to Midtown Manhattan without a car? The best way to get from Staten Island to Midtown Manhattan without a car is to bus which takes 1h 5m and costs $2 - $7.

How much is a bus ticket from NY to NJ? ›

The New York to Newark bus starts from $14.49. Booking in advance, whether on the app or website, is the best way to get the most affordable bus travel.

Is there a bus from Elizabeth to Staten Island? ›

There is no direct connection from Elizabeth to Staten Island. However, you can take the bus to Saint George Ferry/Ramp C, take the walk to St George, then take the train to Bay Terrace. Alternatively, you can take the taxi to Staten Island.

Is express bus more expensive? ›

Express bus services cost 60 cents more than regular bus and MRT rides for adults. The fares are charged by distance and range from $1.59 to $2.86 if paid for using a travel card.

What is the difference between a local bus and an express bus? ›

An express bus makes few stops along the route so that it can get to its destination more quickly. It may also have limited access to some stops. A local example: the airport express bus, from downtown to the airport, will pick up any passenger waiting at a designated stop, but will not drop passengers there.

How do you pay for the Staten Island train? ›

You must use the same contactless bank card, smart device, or OMNY card for each trip.

How much does it cost to take the Staten Island Ferry? ›

The Ferry ride is free. All passengers are required to comply with applicable U.S. Coast Guard Security Regulations regardless of which level they board from. The Staten Island Ferry does not carry cars.


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